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I started writing poetry in 2018 after a breakup left me heartbroken and I found myself at a poetry gig on Valentine's day. Throughout the following 2 years I performed spoken word at slams and gigs across the UK.


I never shy away from political subjects in my work. That's because I'm sick of the status quo and I'm desperate to change things. We can only do this if we come together in respect and compassion, working towards a future which is tolerant and fair for all.

I work with communities to produce poetry which expresses their lives and struggle.  I also write for the page and stage.

I write for change and help others do the same.

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I am over the moon to be working with artist Morag Myerscough to create a reimagining of a Roman gatehouse at Housesteads Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall for English Heritage. This is part of the HW1900 festival which celebrates 1900 years of Hadrian's Wall. The work is community-engaged (of course!) and will include words, symbols and colours taken from workshops. 

Morag and I have completed the first stage of workshops with community groups from the West to East of Hadrian's Wall. I can't wait to share this incredible piece of work with you. It's a poem, but it's also a huge multi-coloured Roman gatehouse.  What's not to love?

Commissions & Collaborations

Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation


It was a privilige to work with film maker Matthew Thompson to create two films for the Adrian Brinkerhoff 'Read By' series. The first film is a performance of one of my own poems, Fabric Hands, which charts a personal women's history along the banks of the river Tyne.


The second piece is a reading of Caroline Bird's abstract and dreamlike poem Dive Bar. It's taken from Bird's collection The Air Year, which I encourage everyone to read. 

Protest Library

PROTEST LIBRARY was an exhibition and performance space at Newcastle City Library which explored women’s protest in the North East. In March 2022 I led a private audience through the ephemera of protest, triggering poems inspired by the experiences of rule-breaking lasses and thinking deeply about what it means to stand up for your rights. 

Video coming soon!

This project has been a long journey. In 2019 I was commissioned by Poet in the City to bring the British Library exhibition Unfinished Business:  The Fight for Women's Rights to life in Newcastle Libraries through poetry and events. I worked with a small group of women at Tyneside Women's Health to discuss my chosen theme - PROTEST. 

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Collision & Conflict

In December 2020, Green Croft arts commissioned me as part of their Collision & Conflict sound walk on Hadrian's Wall. My piece responded to the conflict I felt as I collided with the rural community of the area. It's a personal account of my own movement from town to country, with a resolution to do my bit to build resilient and happy communities. 

Green Croft Arts is an incredible organisation based on Hadrian's Wall. Inspired by the landscape and heritage, they create installations, and immersive experiences that engage people more deeply in a place or a space and offer activities that connect the mind with the body. 

Poetry Exchange

In 2018 we started the Poetry Exchange; poets from London's Spoken and Newcastle's Born Lippy came together to perform at each other's events and share cultural differences and similarities. With support from Community Organisers, Arts Council England and The Selby Centre, we completed the second iteration of the exchange, where poets are partnered across cities and asked to write with their partner on current social/political issues. 

I was thrilled to be paired with the great Mark 'Mr T' Thompson. Together we collaborated to produce a poetry film exploring different types of oppression and how we can work together to change things for the better.